Fortnite Summer Skirmish

5 Things We Learned From Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish

This is sick!


Fortnite’s 8 weeks of Summer Skirmishes comes to a conclusion tonight at PAX West, with the remaining 99 attendees hoping to walk away with a share of the massive $1.5 million prize pool. The summer skirmishes have largely been a successful experiment by Epic Games.

Although the first few weeks were not without controversy, Epic adapted the format throughout the summer to provide a more entertaining and exciting event. The introduction of Kingpin in weeks 5 and 6 and Big Bonus in week 7 meant more elimination-heavy games and exciting firefights. As the event comes to a close, we had some thoughts about the event, the players and Fortnite itself.

The streamers are sick

We know that streamers get a lot of views largely because of their personality. You don’t get over 10 million followers on Twitch if you’re a boring person. Some say that this means streamers are more focused on producing entertaining content that actually playing the game well. The summer skirmishes have shown this is far from true. Players like Liquidchap and TFue both finished their rounds with high numbers of kills AND Victory Royales. They proved that streamers are still wicked players and secured their places in the grand final.

Fortnite as an esport is sick.

Fortnite Battle Royale is still in its nascent stages, but if early signs are anything to go by, this will easily be one of the best esports to watch. The spectator mode is unbelievable. The build and edit fights are super fast and require APM reminiscent of the days of Starcraft. The game is also well balanced between frantic firefights and tense, quieter moments as players camp in the huts on the mountainsides, giving the audience some downtime and a chance to breathe.

The summer skirmish set was sick

With Fortnite, Epic Games have been great a putting elements of the game into real life. The summer skirmishes have been no exception. The set itself at PAX was decked out with llamas, lounge chairs and a Fortnite island replicated in the environment. This made for a very interactive fan experience.

Viewership is impressive

The official Twitch channel consistently had over 100K concurrent views over the event. And of course that’s not including other influencers and players streaming the event. TSM Daequan famously decided to skip out on the event, noting that he would benefit more by streaming at home. His stream of the event also took in over 100K viewers and provided some solid alternative commentary for the event.

The PC master race is not a thing

It’s always been assumed that the PC players with keyboard and mouse were the real pros at Fortnite. The summer skirmishes showed that players with controllers are not to be messed with. Nickmercs got a ton of kills playing with a controller. He claimed 9 eliminations in his day 3 match, finishing 16 in the group.

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