We get gamer culture. We've played countless hours. We've competed in tournaments. We've managed top talent and represented major esports organisations. With more than 30 years experience in the videogaming industry, Edge Esports offers a unique range of consultancy services.

  • Brand looking to connect to esports
  • Brand looking to work with an influencer but wants contractual protection
  • Gamer about to sign your first professional contract
  • Professional gamer or team looking for sponsorship
  • Team or organisation looking to work with top talent  and wanting to set contractual obligations for the parties
  • League looking for contractual and commercial advice

Esports is the number one growth industry in the world and it’s full of opportunities for players, teams and brands. With 30 years experience in the gaming industry, 20 in tech and over 10 years in sports, we know how the esports industry has evolved and we can forecast how it will continue to change. Whether you are new to esports or looking to invest more in the industry, Edge Esports can connect you to the best people to help you achieve your goals.

Edge Esports has 10 years of legal expertise and experience working with clients such as Misfits, Manchester City, Lightning Pandas, PSG, and Tottenham Hotspur. We have worked on player transfers with transfer fees in excess of £100m. We have won more than 25 disputes before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, UEFA and FIFA Disciplinary committees and national courts of European jurisdiction.

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